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% Arabica


Xi'an, China


A traditional high tower houses the first % Arabica store in Xi'an. It keeps the clean monotone design that has become the signature of all Arabica shops, but it's set apart by its mystical verticality. As you enter through its glass doors, the walls rise to 12 meters tall and pull your gaze upwards. The walls, covered with more than 4,000 slanted roof tiles glazed in white, honor the legacy of the Terracota Army that stands protecting the city, both through material and repetition. On the very top appears a glowing, diffused, almost heavenly % sign that magically crowns the space. Through its symmetry and height, the architecture stands strong and impactful. % Arabica Xi'an will be not only an experience for great coffee, but also a shrine in tribute to the legacy of this historic city.

Elias Kalach 
Teddy Nanes

Rodrigo Gamboa
Elsa Mendoza
Francisco Parra

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