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VERTEBRAL is an architecture and landscaping studio founded in Mexico City by Elias Kalach and Teddy Nanes in 2016.


The approach to projects always follows the same logic, despite being in different social, political and geographical contexts. The studio is not governed by an aesthetic ideal or by a geometric predisposition, but by a search that arises from the exercise of observation, in order to approach the understanding of a site and a series of circumstances that give input and guidelines to architecture. . Vertebral understands architecture as the act of intervening in a site to create space through walls and slabs, but also through bushes, herbs and trees.​


Vertebral uses primary materials in its architecture. Concrete, steel, stone and wood are the resources that with a wide range of geometries build the imaginary of the team, its models and its buildings.

Vertebral - Elías Kalach y Teddy Nanes



Elias Kalach

Teddy Nanes



Marco Agonizante

Alberto Bou

Lourdes Gámez

Enrique Gonzalez

Daniela López

Leticia Matsuda

Elsa Mendoza

Anahí Ortega

Edgar Ruiz

Eliza Teixeira

Fernando Zúñiga

Pablo Ziga

Previous Collaborators


Alejandra Alcázar

Valeria Álvarez

Fernanda Angulo

Héctor Batres

Nino Canun

Sabrina Canun

Giovanna Enríquez

Rodrigo Gamboa

Santiago García

Fernando Gómez

Jacqueline Hale

Pedro López

Isaac Michan

Cesar Mondragon

Francisco Parra

Isaac Penhos

Juan Agustin Rivera
Alejandra Rojo

Eduardo Suárez

María Fernanda Tinajero

Habid Valdes

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