About us

Vertebral is an architecture and landscaping studio set inside a busy and complex city since 2016. This has influenced our practice entirely. We have always been drawn to places of nature and open outdoors. This is why we design gardens and build around them. To bring the forest into the city. We build with the materials we find in Mexico City and have learned to rely upon time and weather to give them their final appearance. We believe in the importance of craftsmanship, and extend our design to the most minuscule aspects of our projects.

Architecture for us has a sequence. Narrow paths that lead to open spaces. Light that is dimmed and brightened. Views that come into sight and disappear. An architecture of encounters between the inside and the outside.


Elias Kalach

Teddy Nanes


Marco Agonizante

Fernanda Angulo

Alberto Bou

Enrique Gonzalez

Daniela López

Leticia Matsuda

Elsa Mendoza

Juan Agustin Rivera

Fernando Zúñiga

Previous Collaborators

Alejandra Alcázar

Valeria Álvarez

Héctor Batres

Nino Canun

Sabrina Canun

Rodrigo Gamboa

Santiago García

Fernando Gómez

Jacqueline Hale

Pedro López

Isaac Michan

Cesar Mondragon

Francisco Parra
Alejandra Rojo

Eduardo Suárez

María Fernanda Tinajero

Habid Valdes

Vertebral - Elías Kalach y Teddy Nanes