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Casa Burbuja

The house is atomized and contained in capsules of concrete and glass within a habitable vertical garden. Spaces that reject the grid and distribute organically through a completely vegetated slab that randomly transfers structural loads to the ground allowing for a flexible distribution of space.

Casa Burbuja redefines privacy by distorting the perception of space and the relationship between structures. Paths of gravel and plants simultaneously weave and separate the areas, which almost touch but seem to stand far apart. One is able to constantly exit and reenter the spaces, playing with the very concept of what makes an interior or exterior space. Casa Burbuja is a project that gets inspiration from the organic sprawl of ancient villages and rescales this urban logic on an intimate and individual scale.

CASA BURBUJA_planta arq.jpg
CASA BURBUJA_planta circulaci¢n.jpg
CASA BURBUJA_ isomÇtrico.jpg

Elias Kalach 
Teddy Nanes

Kokoké Studio


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