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Chapultepec 230

Residential & Commercial
Mexico City, Mexico


Ten-story mixed-use building in a tranquil corner of Roma neighborhood, Mexico City. The concrete structure generates a continuous rhythm on both facades that translates into a modular system that allows for three different apartment typologies to happen. 

The ground floor is a commercial and public garden that becomes an urban corridor and incentivizes an absolute flow between both streets. The levels above are extremely compact spaces that are always in contact with ventilated, generous spaces constantly in close contact with vegetation and balconies that open towards the city. We consider that this building meets a housing need that is scarce in the city where you can find extremely efficient apartments in terms of total area but simultaneously very functional and generous.

Elias Kalach
Teddy Nanes

Alberto Bou

Enrique Gonzalez

Elsa Mendoza
Francisco Parra

Agustin Rivera

BR4 Quaestum

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