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Mexico City, Mexico


Noldi Schreck Award

In the Roma district of Mexico City, four residential apartments rise up next to an ancient jacaranda tree.

Steel planters run along a series of balconies that disappear between sturdy branches of purple flowers and hanging jasmine.

A core system of vertical circulation divides the communal areas from the private ones. The middle of the building is connected by a stairwell. The pine wood steps are bathed in pale sunlight that streams in from a near window and transitions to a warm gold. To the south, a curtain of bamboo sweeps across the width of the back garden protecting views from outside gazes and filtering the intense light through its translucent leaves that emulate the sound of rain when the wind circles through them.

Wooden floor to ceiling shelving and panelled walls create privacy for the more intimate areas of the apartment whilst still maintaining an open planned layout in the communal area where the kitchen, dining room and living room coexist without obstructions. A fundamental part of the design concept are the roof gardens that are well protected hubs for biodiversity.  We consider the inhabitation of other organisms fundamental in our dense and complex cities.

Teddy Nanes
Elias Kalach
Eduardo Suárez
Nino Canun

Onnis Luque

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