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Pabellón Eco


Mexico City, Mexico


The open call for the 2023 Pabellón Eco resulted in 172 registrations from 16 states of the Republic and 3 countries. VERTEBRAL was chosen by the Technical Committee as one of the seven work teams after conducting a portfolio review.

An imposing tower rises at the back of the courtyard. The space it occupies opens up, allowing itself to exist in time. Above it, a poem becomes pure sensation. The courtyard, containing everything, expands with the tower's space. The void becomes evident, ready to be filled with new intentions. Inside, the rhythm of a water drop measures the time of the internal space, intertwining with the time of the surroundings and the body that inhabits it. The darkness fades through the eye that dilates the pupil to be able to contemplate itself.

Through the opening of the tower, we propose to return emptiness to the saturation of space. Making room for the hidden space behind the form. Inhabiting the crack where the creative impulse originates: the place that always existed and is rediscovered by the contemporary gaze that, accelerated and superficial, had passed it by.

Displaced from the center from which it commonly narrates the story, the being returns to the body that conditions it. To the very bifurcation, to the rupture that separates it. It enters, confronting the nothing that becomes everything, at the intersection where times overlap to modify History and the becoming of the world.

The tower remains in the background, situated in the concentric waves of poetic reflection around space. In its interstice, a self-referential reflection contemplates the place occupied by its own emptiness.

Elias Kalach 
Teddy Nanes


Marco Agonizante 
Fernanda Angulo 
Alberto Bou 
Estela García 
Enrique Gonzalez 
Aleksandra Kordus 
Daniela López 
Leticia Matsuda 
Olga Micha 
Jimena Quintana 
Francisco Javier Regalado 
Juan Agustin Rivera 
Fernando Zúñiga

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