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Mextropoli Pavilion


Mexico City, Mexico



Eight tilted walls make up a pinwheel. The walls seem to collapse into themselves, generating a tension that is counteracted by a central ring exerting an opposing force to find balance and create a space within. Through the gap that opens between the walls, one enters the void illuminated solely by a zenithal oculus.


A parenthesis opens in the bustle of the historic center, perhaps a contemplative space, a space without a utilitarian purpose, or a sculpture with the possibility of entering it.


In collaboration with Firenze, we seek to express the value of porcelain tile by showing its rough, heterogeneous and chaotic reverse side, highlighting the inert beauty of industrial ceramics that, on their front face, boast a smooth and pearly surface. Each module is made up of ceramic canvases organized like scales, thus showing the lightness and slenderness of the pieces.


A material experience that resembles the duality of an oyster. A geometric exercise evoked by the exploration of the octagon and embodied in a structure that is located in the ambiguity between the sensitive and the utilitarian, between art and architecture.

Elias Kalach 
Teddy Nanes


Alberto Bou
Luisa Pedraza
Isaac Penhos

Edgar Ruiz
Fernando Zúñiga








Jaime Navarro

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