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Nature and Culture Pavilion

Public Space

Mexico City, Mexico


This proposal presents the opportunity to reintroduce nature to the Chapultepec Forest and simultaneously add a pavilion that is incorporated into the cultural and environmental awareness offer of Mexico City.


Observing the Botanical Garden through a satellite image, contradictorily we find a disruption, a discontinuity and an urban sprawl within the forest. We propose to preserve the natural pre-existence of the site, reforest it and increase the plant surface of the garden through a slab that raises the forest.


With a simple gesture, with the outline of a stone wall that folds, envelops and extends, a series of multipurpose spaces emerge. Due to its geometric property, this line achieves an extremely stable structure to carry the garden above, thus finally erasing its urban footprint and enhancing the biodiversity of our city. The new Nature and Culture Pavilion manages to accommodate an exhibition, educational and recreational program, while also being an indivisible extension of the Chapultepec Forest.

Alberto Bou
Rodrigo Gamboa
Elias Kalach
Elsa Mendoza
Teddy Nanes


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