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Proyecto Público Prim


Mexico City, Mexico


A house from early XX century is being transformed by a Mexican community of creatives, artists and architects into a venue designated for temporary and permanent interventions. The project expanded and acquired a second property that was found with no flooring making the communication between spaces impossible.


Along the courtyards, rooms and labyrinthic pathways interesting sculptures and punctual interventions are found. This made us propose not a single piece or sculpture, but a single gesture of piercing the thick walls of the house with a series of steel plates slightly bent just enough to gain rigidity to become a bridge. We thought of this bridge as a promenade through the different artist interventions but also a way to inhabit the walls and the pre-existing features that speak about the passage of time.

Elias Kalach
Teddy Nanes

Valeria Álvarez
Santiago García
Eduardo Suárez

Ricardo de la Concha

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