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The Mountain


Berlin, Germany


"The Mountain" is a visionary concept aimed at transforming a gallery into an integral part of its natural surroundings, nestled along a tranquil riverbank. Bathed in abundant sunlight as it faces south, the location lends itself perfectly to the creation of a public garden oasis. Drawing inspiration from the renowned "Mission Dolores Park" in San Francisco, celebrated for its inviting grassy hill where sun-seekers congregate, our proposal seeks to replicate this urban haven.

At the heart of the proposal lies the challenge of seamlessly integrating the gallery within the serene expanse of the grassy mound. This hurdle is elegantly tackled by consolidating the gallery's functions into a towering structure. The construction process involves careful soil excavation, which is then repurposed to sculpt the mound itself. Through meticulous planning, the excavated soil is thoughtfully restored to its original position, forming a sturdy tower to house the museum's permanent exhibits.

Additionally, the mound is hollowed out to create a harmonious interplay between nature and architecture. One side of the mound provides a sun-drenched sanctuary for relaxation, while the interior "cave" offers a versatile, open-plan exhibition space. This symbiotic design approach ensures that visitors can immerse themselves in both the serene beauty of the natural landscape and the captivating allure of art, seamlessly blending the two elements into a unified experience.

Elias Kalach 
Teddy Nanes


Fernando Zúñiga

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