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Toledo Rooftop


Mexico City, Mexico

Toledo Rooftop is a glimpse of nature in the heart of Mexico City. Each space provides an experience of city views, proximity to plants and fresh comfort. Climbing plants move up and around columns, different species of grasses sway with a tranquil swish, and a passing breeze carries the gentle scent of lavender.


The rooftop is contained with brick planters that block unwanted visuals with wild endemic vegetation growth. Olive trees emphasize key focal points. Wood and reed pergolas blur the boundaries between interiors and exterior. Bodies of moving water create a cool and relaxing environment.


The material palette constructs a space that will age with dignity. Rusted steel, pine wood, brick, traditional talavera, polished concrete, reed and dried palm leaves create a conversation with the sage green and ochre color schemes on the walls and handcrafted furniture. Toledo Rooftop reintroduces the spirit of the outdoors into a bustling city that desperately needs to transform its roofs into inhabitable green spaces.

Elias Kalach
Teddy Nanes

Nino Canun
Sofía Carbajal
Eduardo Suárez
Fernanda Tinajero

Interior Design
Antoine Ratigan


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