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Pandemiens arkitektur | Realdania | 2022

The purpose of Pandemiens arkitektur has been to collect examples of COVID-19 measures in cities and buildings that have been created based on the needs that arose during the pandemic, both in Denmark and internationally. These are solutions that can inspire and contribute to a discussion on how we can value-added pandemic-proof the built environment through a Build Back Better approach. And these are solutions that can become part of our new everyday life post-pandemic.

El Terreno is part of this compilation by being a versatile space to house a kindergarten in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and school closures with the goal of generating a non-referential architecture from materials, modules and construction methods conceived specifically for this project. El Terreno is founded with the idea of being an environmental education center and connection with nature. The products that are grown are distributed in local stores and for personal consumption that are distributed among the users and volunteers of the community.


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